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Staining Wood Floors

Staining wood floors to change or enhance the color of wood has become more popular in recent years. First thing to consider is the species of wood that is being stained and whether that species stains uniformily. Some species, such as Maple ar not conducive to site staining due to the blotchy and uneveness that stain reacts to raw maple. If a stained Maple is desired a factory prefinished product is the best alternative due to a cascade application process that can be applied to the individual boards that applies the stain in a “waterfall” method to apply evenly and uniformily to the wood. Another common species that takes some stain colors irregularly is Pine. Darker colors especially those with red tones react better to Pine. In choosing the right color, things to consider are the colors of your walls, cabinets and trim. Darker colors have become very popular recently and there are some very unique colors to choose from such as black, grey, and blue. Things to consider in choosing a dark color is the size of the space as dark floors and dark walls will make the room appear smaller. Also dark floors show dust and foot prints more than a lighter floor. Older floors that have stains in the floor from water or pet damage can benifit from sanding and stain to reduce the visibilty of the water and pet damage. A darker color stain in this case especially those colors with red tint do well in making the damaged areas less prominent. Site staining will usually add an additional day of sanding, detail and stain application. Not all stains are created equal. Consider a quality stain as it will make a marked difference in the final product. We prefer to use the Duraseal and Bona line of stains. Both are quality companies and have been making stains specifically for the flooring industry.

Repairing Discontinued Products

Repaired Discontinued products can be challenging. The flooring industry rapidly changes product lines with can make future repairs or additional room installations a challenge. When installing a new product make sure to order an additional box or two to do future repairs with. If no matching product is available then it can be challenging to match a floor repair. This past week a 3 strip Beech wood floor had water damaged areas from a window that was leaking along with several overwatered plants. First of all the window needed to be repaired first or any repairs to the floor would just become re-damaged.  After extensively exhausting all the resources locally and nationally for the product only to find out that the product has been discontinued and no inventory available, the next step was to determine if we could come up with a 3 strip board to match. Beech wood is no longer produced as a flooring product by the major manufacturers of hardwood flooring.  We have not been able to get any dimension of Beech wood for several years. One option is to remove some flooring from a closet and replace the closet with a different product while using the reclaimed wood for the repair. This floor did not offer that option since there were no closets that contained any wood flooring. Our next option was to custom fabricate a board that had a similar layout as to the existing floor. This is a labor intensive process and costly as well. Another option is to replace the damaged boards with a different but similar styled grain and tone of wood. Sand and refinish with a coat of stain to match the floors. The final option was what the client decided to go with and the repair came out beautifully, an effective solution to conserve the floor and avoid removing over fifteen thousand dollars of flooring and replace it with another wood floor. Some engineered floors cannot be refinished due to the thinness of the wood veneer. Others can be sanded once or twice. Once a floor is at its last resurfacing stage it is crucial to seal the floor with the maximum number of coats of sealer and re-coat every couple of years to build up the protection on the floor. In order to allow the option of re-coats it is imperative that no mineral oil based products or wax be applied. Once a mineral oil based product or wax is applied then the finish is not suitable for a screen and re-coat, due to the film that the wax or mineral oil leaves on the polyurethane and preventing a bonding surface for the next coat of polyurethane. If mineral oil or wax is used then a chemical bonding agent is needed to allow a chemical bonding surface.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing and Installation Special

Hardwood Floor Refinishing and Installation Special: Hardwood Floor Special of 10% off Installations, Repairs, Finishing and Refinishing.  Whether you are interested in installing new floors or are refinishing existing floors we can provide you with a free quote and are currently offering a 10% discount on all our services. Whether you are interested in installing a new Solid, Engineered or Laminate floor we can provide you with a wide variety of products that include all domestic and exotic species. Installation options offered include Nail Down, Staple Down, Glue Down and Floating Installations. Existing solid wood and engineered wood floor can also be refinished with a full sanding or if in a condition where the finish has not worn off and no wax or mineral oil refurbishes have been used then a one day screen and coat option is also available. Changing the color of your floors with stain can also give you a new look without the added expense of replacing your wood floors. Colors and styles change with the times and a change in the color of your walls and or floors can give your house an entirely new look and feel without going through a complete renovation or remodel. Other changes that can have a dramatic effect are changing the baseboard or adding crown moulding. A taller baseboard or a stained base look can dramatically change the look and feel of a room or home. Solid wood doors also show the wear after time and can be rejuvenated with either stain touch up or recoating with a fresh finish. Kitchen cabinets show the wear faster than any other wood surfaces. The daily use and contact with water, oil and grease will test even the best finishes. A refresh not the finish of kitchen cabinets not only gives the cabinets a new look but also protects them for years to come.

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Repairs of water damaged floors

Repairs of water damaged floors. This is the time of year that we see water damaged floors from the rains and snow. Plumbing leaks also seem to be the theme this week. We have had to repair 2 floors this week that were damaged from leaking pipes and poorly sealed bathroom caulk joints. The change of seasons will also cause floors to expand and contract as we move from the monsoon season and high levels of humidity to the dryer winter seasons. One of our calls this week was from a client who installed his own floor with a friend and realized a buckle in the middle of the house. Suspecting it was a tight instal of the laminate without the appropriate gaps at the walls for expansion the client removed the baseboard to confirm that it was indeed installed too tight. We came to the house to inspect and confirm this and in the process discovered the leak in the bathroom for the client, evidence of moisture and mold at the baseboard confirmed there was a plumbing leak. From there the baseboard around the water damaged areas are removed along with the damaged laminate boards. After the leak is repaired  the floors are re-installed along with the baseboards.

Advice for anyone who sees buckling in their floors is to check for any signs of a leak or tight fit floors and if one is found dont rule out that the other might exist as well. A tight floor will cause a leak to buckle the floors much quicker. Call a professional to determine the cause if you are not sure and remove the damaged boards as soon as possible to reduce the damage from expanding further as the swellingwill grow as additional boards absorb water. Once the damaged boards are removed, ventilate the area with a fan to speed up the drying process. Once the area is dried then test that the leak has been repaired and then the floors are ready to be put back.

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Welcome to Here at Aberdeen floors, we offer a range of services and products, from Installation to Sanding and Refinishing. We offer Solid Hardwood, Engineered Flooring and Laminate Flooring products. Our products are supplied by manufacturers that understand the unique dry conditions here in the Southwest and take appropriate steps in properly kiln drying the products so that they will be succesful in a installation in the South West. Species that we work with and can provide are Red Oak, White Oak, Maple, American Cherry, Birch, Hickory, Pine, Walnut, Yellow Pine, Ash, Beech. Many exotic species are also available among which are Brazilian Cherry, Amendoim, Teak, Santos Mahogony, Tigerwood, Chestnut, Brazilian Walnut, Rosewood and Bamboo. We can do Solid Glue down installations on slab, Staple and Nail down installations on subfloors and floating installations. We also can prepare the subfloor to include concrete leveling or grinding of uneven concrete slabs. Proper preparation of subfloors and repair of subfloors and floor joists. If you have a old floor furnace that needs to be removed or has been removed and needs the hole in the subfloor reinforced and the flooring repaired, we can make it appear that it was never there. Baseboard removal and installation are also items that we can take care of for you. We can also assist in furniture removal. We offer complete sanding, staining and repair services. Whether you have a new floor or one that is 100 years old, we can repair, sand and stain them to give years of life, beauty and protection to them. Contact us via phone or email and we would be happy to arrange a time to come give you a free evaluation and estimate. Let us know what species or color of wood you are interested in and we can bring samples for you to look at.